Light Up Corpus Christi

Dear Friend:

The revitalization and improvement of Downtown, Uptown, SEA District and North Beach in Corpus Christi has begun!

The Downtown Revitalization Alliance (DRA) has embarked upon a neighborhood changing mission to Light Up Corpus Christi. The Light Up CC Program is being funded through generous donations from friends like you, combined with revenue collected from the parking meters in
Downtown and Uptown. Managed by the City of Corpus Christi Parking Advisory Committee, Light Up CC’s mission is to install new LED street lights in high-crime areas to make our neighborhoods safer. We will also increase energy efficiency by retrofitting existing street lights with brighter LED lamps.

Imagine Leopard Street, Peoples Street and the north end of North Beach lit with bright, white light. That’s the first area of greatest need. One by one, we’re taking back our streets in Downtown, Uptown the SEA District and North Beach………and making them walkable and citizen-friendly.
You may choose to support a series of street lights or a single street light in honor of your company’s employees, a loved one, or anyone who is a “point of light” in your life.

Be part of Light Up CC, and make a difference in our community. Thank you for your consideration, participation and support!

Best personal regards,
Stephen McMains, Chairman of the Board
Downtown Revitalization Alliance

Download the Light Up Corpus Christi Brochure and Sponsorship Pamphlet

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